The Reason behind UFO sightings in El Paso


A great number of UFO sightings occur daily in El Paso, Texas, by citizens that often do not report sightings to authorities perhaps because such sightings are becoming too common. Some citizens wonder what attracts extraterrestrials to the El Paso area that appear not to be concerned being observed or noticed.



One reason may be that on July 16, 1945, at 5:29:45 a.m., the Manhattan Project ends with a big bang as America’s first atom bomb test occurred in the Trinity site located in New Mexico. Sadly, the second atomic bomb was set off August 6, 1945, over Hiroshima, Japan.

Atomic Bomb Over Japan
Atomic Bomb Over Japan

With the first nuclear bomb explosion occurring in the Trinity site which is only three hours north from El Paso; that explosion might have signal extraterrestrials to concentrate their reconnaissance effort in the Southwest area.



Former Air Force Col. Richard French says he was an official UFO debunker and there were two, not one, Roswell UFO crashes

Coincidently, in 1947, as the world knows now that a UFO crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. Retired Air Force Lt. Col. Richard French stated

“There were actually two crashes at Roswell, which most people don’t know. The first one was shot down by an experimental U.S. airplane that was flying out of White Sands, New Mexico, and it shot what was effectively an electronic pulse-type weapon that disabled and took away all the controls of the UFO, and that’s why it crashed.”

The first question that needs to be answered is; did extraterrestrials concentrate their presence in the area where the first atomic bomb was tested — because they wanted to know how much our scientist knew about nuclear fusion? The second question is; did the extraterrestrials also understand that the U.S. government had a secret base located in White Sand Proving Ground where U.S. military tested many advanced weapon systems?

Roswell UFO Crash
Roswell UFO Crash




Wernher von Braun
Wernher von Braun

The American military engineers and scientists, in Ft. Bliss was led in 1946 by a German ex-Nazi by the name of Wernher Magnus Mxaximilian, Freiherr von Braun. Is it possible that the American military engineers and scientists could have worked with von Braun on UFOs that crashed in Roswell at White Sands for reverse engineering? Before the Germans were assigned to White Sands, they were brought to El Paso in 1945 via a secret military operation to Ft. Bliss. Interestingly, they were allowed to walk the streets of El Paso as long as they had a military escort.




Were the German engineers and scientists, in 1946, involved in engineering new UFOs at Ft. Bliss, Texas, before the Roswell UFO crashed? It is believed that the German scientist was already working in Germany on anti-gravitational research. George Klein, a German engineer, stated back in 1953, according to a CIA report number 0000015471, that in 1941,

“Germany was actually in the planning stage of developing ‘Flying saucers.'”

He added that by 1945, Germany had its first experimental flight of a “Flying saucer.” Could this information verify that Wernher von Braun and his team of German engineers were working for the U.S. government in developing “Flying saucers” and not the standard type of rockets as the U.S. government asserted openly?

In a suspicious move by the United States government, in 1947 after the Roswell crash, the government created Project Mogul, designed to monitor the atmosphere for evidence of Soviet nuclear tests. In 1948, Projects Sign and Grudge, funded by Air Force-funded projects, were created with the purpose to examine flying saucers and other reported unexplained phenomena. Both programs were designed to debunk the existence of UFOs at the time that Wernher von Braun and his German engineers were in Ft. Bliss working on interstellar crafts.



There is a strong assumption that by von Braun working on developing spacecraft similar to an extraterrestrial craft, it might have signaled extraterrestrials to focus on the El Paso area. In 1947, May through July, a high number of newspapers reports from El Paso, Las Cruces, Hobbs, Gallup, Albuquerque and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, printed articles explaining the increase of UFO sightings in the area of El Paso, Ft. Bliss, and White Sands Proving Grounds.



Richard Dolan American Historian

Can it be said that perhaps the beginning of a secret space program started in El Paso Ft. Bliss? Richard Dolan concluded that a clandestine space program has likely reversed engineered technology from crashed UFOs. Can it be deduced that this advanced secret space program headed by von Braun, was one that eventually saw the development of a breakaway civilization? David Wilcock and Corey Goode agree that the secret space program has been operating under global secrecy.


Ft. Bliss Texas
Ft. Bliss Texas

El Paso sits in the center of the Southwest part of the country surrounded by Area 51, Dulce, New Mexico, Ft. Bliss Army Base, White Sands Proving grounds, the Chihuahuan Desert, and many Native Americans tribes that maintain a healthy relationship with extraterrestrial aliens. By being located in the crossroads of UFOs; sightings of UFOs by El Paso citizens have become prevalent and normalized. It can be implied that extraterrestrials may know more about the U.S. government secret space program then we think they do. That could be another reason why UFOs are attracted to El Paso, Texas and the Southwest territory.



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