Close Encounters of the First Kind in El Paso

Most UFO aficionados have heard of the term close encounter, a phrase invented by Josef Allen Hyneck, in his 1972 book The UFO Experience: A scientific Inquiry. Hynek proposed three types of categories: first kind was described as a sighting of a UFO within 500 feet or less; the second kind was associated with physical effects; while the third kind was associated with a sighting of an animated being.

El Paso, like many other cities in the world, has reported their share of close encounters, which have occurred within its city limits.

El Pasoan report UFOs to The National UFO Reporting Center

In the mid 70’s, young people who were not expecting to witness a sighting in El Paso, Texas reported a number of close encounters of the first kind. The National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) recorded a report made on July 15, 1972. The report states that an eleven-year-old boy and three of his friends observed a UFO which he describe as a “Large Mothership” type, around 10:00 pm.

The sighting occurred in El Paso Westside by Sunland Park as the UFO travel northbound. The young people observed the UFO to stop high above and began dropping smaller yellow lights out of the bottom which appeared to be one tenth the size of the larger UFO. The report states that after all the drops were made, the main UFO blink out of view as the young people and neighbors were left wonderstruck.

A day later, July 16, 1970, another close encounter of the first kind is recorded in El Paso by NUFORC. Another eleven-year-old boy and his sister while in their back yard observed three, flashing lights at a distance. When they got close, they looked like flashing orbs with different colored lights as they flew around. The young boy described the orbs to look like disk,

“sort of like the flying saucer you see in comic strips.”

The young boy heard a “whoosh” and orbs flew away and disappeared.

Five kids from El Paso were heading home from a Boys Scout meeting made one interesting report March 24, 1966 to NUFORC. They reported seeing an “oval spaceship silhouetted in black with a white lights beaming of windows or port holes moving totally silent…” The UFO was moving slowly east to west hovering silently above the five kids. After seeing the UFO change colors from green to red, the UFO disappeared. The reporting youngster stated that he believed the UFO disappeared or perhaps entered another dimension.

UFOs descriptions varied in NUFORC reports

It is very interesting that citizens to NUFORC describe UFO’s in many different ways. Some descriptors are; lights, triangles, orbs, circles, oval, spheres, disk, cigars and fireballs. Some witnesses will report to view the UFO a few minutes while others for several hours. Yet, the most intriguing descriptor is the “Chevron”.

In 1967, a large Chevron shape object was reported to have appeared in El Paso, Texas. It was reported to be seen flying silently past rooftops then was seen to fly straight up into the night sky where it disappeared. This case is interesting because such Chevron sightings have been reported throughout Texas for many years.

Chevron shape UFO mysterious event

Brian Vike, from The Vike Factor, documented a report generated by a citizen residing in Ft. Stockton, Texas, which states he observed a Chevron shape UFO silver in color in 1972. The report states that the UFO hovered over Ft. Stockton for three hours during the day and seen by most of its citizens. The reporter stated that the craft

“hovered about fifty feet above the school and it was shaped like a boomerang. From my [his] position I figured that it was about ten to fifteen feet thick.”

The reporter was amazed how citizens did not show interest on the flying UFO and “acting like it isn’t even there.” The silver UFO flew away unnoticed by the reporter.

The last Chevron shape UFO reported to NUFORCC occurred in Waxahachie, Texas, in 2017. The reporter stated that he saw the UFO around 9:00 pm, flying approximately fifty feet over his head. The UFO was observed flying silently, with no light, above thirty feet above the roofline of the home. He described the UFO as “somewhat mottled color of white and possibly dark, navy blue, grey or black.” Like in most reports, the reporter stated “the image either evaporated, disappeared, or merely faded into the skyline, where the lights of the city were glowing over the home across the street.”

What are the Chevron shape UFO’s intentions?

Most of the Chevron shapes UFO’s are seen flying low slowly, and silent above roof tops. Most are light in color, and glow in a blueish color from inside. Most reporters state that light reflects from the UFO as it flies by. Some questions come to mind. Is this Chevron shape UFO seeking to abduct people? Is their mission to capture and record previous abductions? In one case involving a Chevron shape UFO, the reporter from Echo, Texas, believes that he escaped an alien abduction in 2011.

What is interesting when one reads reports of UFOs to NUFORC is that often UFOs are seen or notice by few people even though a crowd might be around. Another interesting factor is that sometimes the UFO will disappear right in front of the reporter after hovering above. Most of the reports reported to NUFORC are close encounters of the first kind.

If you witness a UFO sighting and wish to report it, go to the National UFO Reporting Center at to file a report.


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